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Different Types of logos and how to use them


No matter how long you have worked on your business, if you don’t have a suitable logo that represents your brand, you’re missing a big element. A logo is what people see first when they search for your company. Your logo will convey a message and tell your audience about your brand, so you better make sure it represents you well. If designed correctly, your logo will affect the users in a positive way, meaning they will associate with your company and find value in your business. Hence, if chosen poorly, your prospects won’t resonate with your logo, won’t feel connected to your brand, and leave with a negative feeling about your business. But there are many types of logos out there, so the important question is, what type of logo is right for you and your business? While there are numerous factors that are involved in designing the perfect logo (such as fonts, colors, layouts, etc) we have compiled a list of factors that you should mainly focus on when deciding on a logo!


Types of logos

Since your logo is the first element that a new customer or a prospect will see, you should be sure about its proper usage. The logos are visual factors made of the combination of typography and images. Each type of logo gives your brand a different identity. Here are the different types of logos you need to know about:

Pictorial Marks 

Pictorial marks, (sometimes called logo symbols or brand marks) are icons or graphic design-based logos that usually represent a real word object. This is the most popular type of logo, since most people think of pictorial marks when thinking of “logos” in general.The Apple logo, the Rolling Stone’s iconic mouth, the Twitter bird, YouTube’s play button; these are all examples of significant pictorial marks. Brand marks are easy to remember, and can increase brand recognition. They send a very clear, specific message to the audience. In addition, pictorial marks are easy to resize which is an advantage. The biggest factor to consider when picking a pictorial mark is the image you choose. This will represent your company, and what it specializes in. Remember that if you want to expand your business later on, you must pick a logo that won’t misrepresent your future plans and that will result in losing customers. 





Abstract logo marks

Abstract logos are conceptual marks; they are specific types of pictorial logos. Like a pictorial logo, abstract logo marks are made of symbols, but instead of recognizable images — like an Apple — these are unique geometric images that represent your business. A few famous abstract logo marks belong to companies like Pepsi, Microsoft and Mitsubishi. Abstract logos allow you to create something that is unique, and only belongs to you. An abstract logo is not restricted to a real object, so you can invent any shape that communicates your message correctly. The tricky part is that, since you are not displaying an already-recognizable symbol, you have to refine the logo until it represents your brand and the message you’re trying to spread. Paying attention to the details while not overdoing it, is crucial when designing an abstract logo. Colors are also very important  .



Mascots are logos that represent a unique character; this type is one of the friendliest types of logos. Mascots are images of a character —a person, an animal, etc. — that visually represent your brand and your message. 

Mascots are often colorful and animated. Monopoly, KFC, Pringles, are all well-known brands that have taken advantage of this method of logo design. 

Mascots give the customers a feeling of warmth and friendliness. This is especially great for companies that aim to create a wholesome environment. You have to keep in mind that Mascots are extremely tricky to master, since your character may not send the right message globally. 

This is not the best method for companies that are not family-friendly, and we don’t recommend that you design a Mascot for a brand that is not meant to appeal to kids.




Wordmarks, also known as logotypes, are font-based logos that only focus on a brand’s name. These logos consist of the company’s name, initials, or monograms. 

This type of logo combines a brand’s name with powerful typography to make the company even more memorable and recognizable. Google, Visa & Nescafe’s logos are all great examples of wordmarks. 

This type is especially good for you if your company already has a catchy name. If your name is recognizable enough, these logos will tell everyone exactly what you represent, since they are simple and very versatile. 

The trick is to find or create a font that captures the emotion and essence of your business. Wordmark logos are easy to replicate on marketing material, therefore they are a great tool for branding as well. 



Lettermarks (or Monogram logos)

Just like Wordmarks, Monogram logos consist of text as well. These texts are brand initials for the most part. This type is especially suitable for companies with lengthier names. Such as IBM, CNN, and Hp. These logos are easy to recognize, straightforward and very identifiable. A lettermark is a typography-based logo, and it is all about simplicity. The font you choose or create is very important since that is the only design your logo really has. The font you pick will tell everyone how to feel about your brand, so pick carefully!



The combination mark

A combination mark is a logo that is combined of a pictorial mark and a wordmark, a mascot, an abstract mark or a lettermark. The picture and text are placed together in a design that represents your business. Some famous combination mark logos include Burger King, Taco Bell and Airbnb. These logos are easier to trademark since they are unique, unlike some pictorial marks. 



Emblem Logo

An Emblem logo consists of a typeface that sits inside a symbol or an icon, such as seals and crests. These logos usually appear rather traditional, and they are impactful for the most part. So many government agencies and universities pick Emblem Logos because of these qualities.

 Some well-known Emblem Logos include Starbucks famous mermaid and Harley Davidson. These logos might be a bit less versatile since they are much more detailed than the other types. For instance, Emblem Logos may shrink small on brochures and business cards.



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Now that you have learnt all about some of the main types of logos, you must know that designing a logo is one of the most important things you have to do for your brand. Your logo will determine how the customers feel about your company. Keep that in mind. 

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