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Reading time: 5 minutes

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the act of creating visual content to communicate messages. 

The profession is also known as communication design, since it is based upon forming a connection through visuals. 

By using design methods, page layout techniques, typography and pictures, designers spread a brand’s message with a clear image to its audience. 

By focusing on the audience’s needs and desires, professionals specialize their designs and display those elements to optimize the user experience. 

The American institute of graphic arts has described graphic design as “the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas with visual content.”

That is perfectly said, graphic design communicates ideas and messages in a visual way. 

These visuals can be the logo, page layouts, etc. However, we will talk about that later. 

Companies to promote their products and services, while developing an identity through branding can use graphic design. 


The basics of graphic design 


To understand graphic design, you have to learn the different factors that it contains. 

Just like any other profession, learning the basics of graphic design is crucial to monitor your design process. 

Some of these graphic design elements are as following:


  1. Color: 

Color is a crucial element of any visual design. Designers can influence a design and reflect a brand by understanding the color theory. 

Each color tells a story, conveys an emotion, and sets the mood. Using the correct colors creates a significant theme for the design. 



  1. Typography: 

Paying attention to typography and its details can turn a simple piece of work to an eye-catching graphic project. 

Different fonts, customized alignments, size, and spacing, shifts the design and determines how the prospects will feel towards the project. 


Typographi parageraph

  1. Lines:

Thick, thin, straight or curved, there are endless types of lines that a designer can use to guide the viewer’s eyes, and add to the project’s emotions. 

Lines allow designers to separate and divide content through layout. 

There are many other important graphic design elements, such as shape, texture, form, size, space, etc. 

Graphic Design Principles

There are also crucial design principles that the graphic designers have to master, such as

  • Rhythm

  • Balance

  • Contrast 

  • Proportion

A good graphic designer must understand these principles and elements perfectly before starting any project. 


Different types of graphic design


Graphic design helps solve problems by using visuals through typography, color, imagery and form. Therefore, there isn’t a single definition that covers all aspects of graphic design. 

This profession is composed of many different fields, from web design to motion graphics, and even though there are numerous specializations when it comes to graphic design, here are some of the most namely examples. 


  1. User Experience (UX) design 

Graphic design is strongly connected to user experience. 

As mentioned already, graphic design includes visual aspects such as the logo creation. 

In this sense, the process concerns the aesthetic appeal. Graphic designers attract customers using colors, images, and typography.

However, graphic designers who focus on the user experience and/or work in the UX design field as well, concentrate on approaching their target audience by learning their desires, preferences and needs. 

They focus on their specific users while creating an aesthetically pleasing design with maximum usability.


  1. Website design 

Web design includes many different disciplines in the process of creating a website. 

Web graphic design decides how a website looks, by focusing on the fonts, images, color schemes, and layouts to create the most usable and aesthetically pleasing website for their target audience. 

  1. Visual identity graphic design

A brand is the connection that a business builds with its audience. 

A brand identity refers to the business’s characteristics, its emotions and tones. 

Visual identity graphic design is those emotions and tones, put into graphics and visuals. 

The visual elements of a brand that help the business communicate better with its audience through imagery. 

  1. Marketing & advertising graphic design

Marketing & advertising graphic design is the field that people are most familiar with.

Great marketing is built on the audience’s wants and needs, and it motivates the users to engage with the company. 

Professional graphic designers turn those needs and desires into graphics and imagery, since people find visual content more engaging. 


Who is a graphic designer?

Now that we know what graphic design means and what fields it covers, it’s time to learn a bit about the people who step into this profession.

Graphic designers are visual communicators, who turn ideas into visual concepts using computer software. 

They transform these ideas to tell a message, inspire, and communicate with a company’s target audience. 

The final goal of graphic designers is to make their client’s company recognizable. 

So every graphic designer is in fact, a communicator.

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Now that you are aware of the importance of graphic design for your brand, you might be ready to apply those elements to your business and see immediate results.

Investing in professional graphic designs will put you ahead of your competitors, so never underestimate the power of good visuals and imagery. 

Homer studio design and visual branding team has a lot of experience in this field.

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