Logo design for Andromeda group

Andromeda: An all-in-one logo

Established in 2019, Andromeda quickly gained a wide reputation as an investment company based in Tibisi, Georgia. Homer studio was in charge of creating a brand identity and implementing the branding practices since the very first day. 

First off, Homer studio’s creative team had to come up with the brand name. After analyzing the industry and the value that it promotes, the name “Andromeda” was chosen. The name stems from the Andromeda galaxy which is believed to be one of the largest galaxies known till now. It also refers to a methodological princess. This name indicates immenseness, harmony, and integrity.

To represent the background of the brand name, the logo design was deeply inspired by the galaxy itself. Two curved lines were drawn, indicating the galaxy in the most simplistic way possible. Additional details were also added to suggest motion and viability. This was done by adding 4 points to specific locations on the orbit. As individual items, these points can also be seen as 4 people holding hands symbolizing unity.

As for the colors, there are certain factors that contribute to this color pallet. To begin with, the three colors (navy blue, red, and green) are integrated by the gradient technique. This has further assisted the suggestion of orbital movement. Moreover, each of these colors can show a unique characteristic of the brand and the logo:

  • Navy blue: Reliability, trustworthiness, and Authenticity 

  • Red: Extroversion and excitement 

  • Greem: Peace, nature, and security

Professional Branding by Homer Studio team

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