Logo design for Mahan construction company

Mahan construction company: Authentic logo design

Mahan construction company began as a renowned construction company, exclusively in Iran. The company was established in 2013 and since then, it has combined modern and traditional architecture through its many projects. 

Homer studio design team was in charge of creating a logo for Mahan construction company. The main feature of this logo design is the fact that it is influenced by the Bannai Script which is one of the prominent characteristics of Iranian architecture. Bannai script is a Kufic script that has geometric forms like a square that is used in the Mahan construction company’s logo.

Moreover, this logo has a 3-dimensional aspect to it, indicating the construction industry. This cube demonstrates stability, resilience, and reliability, attributes that should be considered while constructing a building. These geometrical features make up most of the logo design because they are deeply associated with the brand identity of this company.

The main colors used in this logo design are light blue and gray. These particular colors were chosen because they resemble the color of the stone and rock. They also indicate resilience and stability.

Your logo should represent your brand

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