Geo Trip: Logo redesign

Geo Trip is a travel agency based in Tbilisi, Georgia. The company offers a wide variety of tours across Europe. As the demand for traveling abroad increase, outbound tourism gets more competitive. Standing out among a plethora of other travel agencies is not an easy job. Having a strong brand image plays a vital role in maintaining a suitable position among competitors.

Geo Trip’s previous logo design was not suitable for the brand and its amazing quality service. It lacked appropriate design and visual identity both of which are crucial in creating a strong brand image. Soon, Geo Trip decided that they need a logo redesign. They reached out to Homer Studio for an upgrade.

When it comes to logo design, it is important to focus on attributes such as the industry, audience, and type of product/ service.  As a travel agency, Geo Trip should have a visual identity that resembles travel and tourism while being relevant to its target audience. To design the new logo, our experts analyzed the previous logo and its weaknesses. We wanted the transition to be as smooth as possible to avoid harming the current brand image.

Geo Trip’s logo consists of two major parts; typography and symbol. The typography had to be simple enough to be easy to read and memorable. As for the symbol, our designer came up with the idea of an airplane taking off, implying outbound tourism services. Plus, the green-colored curves suggest a safe and reliable journey.

Both red and green colors have pivotal effects on this logo. The color red indicates the Georgian flag. And, green is known to be associated with safety and security.

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