Branding for Dixon fade

There are a lot of barbershops where men can go to have their hair cut or their beards trimmed. But not every place is the kind that people would visit more than once. To be a barber that stands out among the competitors, you should establish a powerful brand image. Brand image is the perception that your audience makes by seeing your loge. 

Dixon logo design was an attempt to represent true quality through personal branding. Wishing to take his business to the next level, our client reached out to us for his logo design. As with all projects done by Homer Studio, our graphic designers went through all the aspects that mattered to the client and analyzed the target audience way before putting their first drafts on the paper. 

Offering quality services since 2001, Dixon needed something distinctive that would also show-off the many years of experience. After some time brainstorming, the Homer Studio team went for the personality that best describes Dixon’s brand- simple yet classy. 

To bring this idea into reality, the design team decided to use fewer colors and more patterns. Dixon logo is inspired by vintage elements, an attribute that appeals to its target customers. The final result seems simple at first glance and gets more complex the more you look at it. 

Another key aspect of this logo is the use of the color blue. We wanted Dixon to be associated with harmony, loyalty, and trust. These traits are scientifically proven to be linked with blue. Blue is also conventionally considered as a masculine color. 

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