Burger Bar: A Delicious Logo Revision

Competing in the fast-paced industry of fast-food restaurants is not an easy job. Burger Bar, however, proved everyone wrong. They have been succeeding in the business just by making and offering mouthwatering burgers since 2013. This means they have been working hard to secure their position as one of the top burger joints in Georgia. 

But it takes far more than putting a lot of effort for a business to succeed. While Burger Bar is definitely offering one of the must-try burgers in the country, something else was holding them back. Burger Bar’s success wasn’t simply 100% guaranteed using their earlier logo design. 

Burger Bar’s visual identity was seriously at risk because of its not-so-efficient logo design. This is when Homer Studio came to the rescue. Our graphic design experts began curating ideas and analyzing their target customers soon after they took charge. 

The result came out just what Burger Bar needed. The Burger Bar logo was designed not only to deliver the brand’s identity but also to evoke the desire to try their burger in an instant. With the right balance of red, orange, and green colors, the Burger Bar logo is designed to arouse the feeling of hunger. The neuromarketing technique is one of the go-to approaches our graphic designers take. The symbol, B.B, is also a great bonus since it can easily be used on packagings and other branding features of Burger Bar.

Another key aspect of this project was leveraging the vintage trend. Homer Studio team would make sure the new logo will be relevant to the new generation. Using one of the most recent trends in graphic design was the way to make sure of that. The 50s design can be seen through various elements of this logo revision for Burger Bar.

Is there anything you like about this design?

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