Backpack Tours: Effective Brand Renovation

Backpack Tours is a traveling agency committed to promoting the divine beauty of Georgia. With an array of packages to choose from, Backpack Tours helps with organizing adventurous trips, including hiking and camping across the country. Their services offer a unique opportunity to go on a memorable trip around Georgia. This amazing experience has given Backpack Tours a competitive edge. But with great services, comes greater expectations. That’s why Backpack tours had to upgrade its logo design and branding.

When Backpack Tours approached Homer Studio, their logo was not capable of showcasing the true value of their service. It lacked the most essential aspects of visual identity and design. The new design had to be as adventurous and ambitious as the brand itself. Our design team soon took charge of the rebranding process. 

During the design process, we decided to use icons for maximum effect. Icons are simplified visual representations of an organization. When designed by a professional graphic designer, icons speak a thousand words in a minimum amount of time. They have a wide variety of applications. From print advertising to UX design, many marketing practices can benefit from icons. Backpack Tours’ icons show the exact definition of the brand’s services through minimal design.

The colors used for Backpack Tours’ logo are grey and orange. Orange triggers happiness, confidence, a sense of adventure, power, passion, and encouragement. All these characteristics are attributes that define the brand of Backpack Tours. 

We design logos that mirror your brand’s values

The visual identity of your brand is how your audience perceives you. First impressions always count and so does the logo of your brand. Homer studio is made up of experts in various advertising fields. We want your logo design to be both compelling and effective in generating sales. Contact us, let us know more about what you need, and leave the rest to us.