Reno Multi brand: An advertising campaign

Reno multibrand is a widely known german retailer of shoes and accessories. With a target audience that mostly includes the younger generation, its brand image is a playful and lively one. Reno Multibrand approached Homer Studio with a challenge; an advertising campaign for the spring/ summer seasons.

As with all advertising projects, our team began by analyzing the audience to plan a strategy that best fits the brand’s expectations. We decided to work on two main methods for advertisement and promotion of the campaign: 

  • Outdoor advertising: Outdoor advertising is a traditional and yet effective technique for promoting products and services. Billboards and bus benches are the most familiar types of advertising. Outdoor advertising demands immediate attention. As a result, it can increase brand awareness through const efficient techniques.

  • Brochures: Brochures are used to convey information and advertise a product or service. Using brochures for advertising is great since it offers brand exposure through helpful information. Brochures help your brand get identified by a great number of people. They can even be used to deliver educational and engaging content.

Reno multi brand’s campaign was expected to be seen by many people. That’s why our team worked hard to make sure the artwork will send the right signal. The outdoor advertising campaign was called “smiling at the seasons” and aimed at promoting the variety of summer shoes offered by Reno multibrand. Our graphic design team worked on artworks featuring the products alongside colors and playful graphics.

This campaign also included designing brochures to showcase Reno accessories. The main purpose of these brochures was to represent the variety of accessories through compelling design and eye-catching graphics. The final result implies summer vibe, passion, and attractiveness through the brand’s colors.

Professional advertising campaigns with Homer Studio

A reliable advertising campaign can lead to a significant increase in sales and brand awareness. Homer Studio team is made up of experts who make sure every aspect of each campaign is taken care of. Helping you succeed in your business is our ultimate goal. Contact us to learn more about our advertising campaign packages.