How marketing affects our life Maya

How marketing affects our life

Marketing affects all aspects of our life and has a great impact on consumer behavior. Every day we use products from advertising: from toothpaste to clothes. Marketing forms consumers buying decisions. Frequently we make everything in accordance with marketing trends: where to go for coffee, what to buy for dinner, what model of phone or snickers buy and etc.

With the help of marketing, people become more informed about different opportunities and novelties. It helps us to figure out what and where we can buy something. Also, with marketing people gain the opportunity to choose from a huge variety of products. Almost everyone can decide what exactly he/she want to buy. Marketing helps to meet the consumer's expectations. After the appearance of marketing brands started to produce their products after the analysis of consumer's needs and desires. It helps people to get more qualitative things.


Why do you need to learn marketing?


The magic trick is how you are perceived and how far you can go while playing with these factors (Ta-da!). So, let’s take a short cut and go directly to the main reasons why learning about marketing will help us in our daily lives and driving how we want to be perceived. We become good listeners; salesmen and retailers are constantly listening to consumers, producers, partners looking for ways to maximize opportunities and connect with people. We begin to really listen to what others need from our environment or from us.

So, what will the outcome be? We will make better decisions if we keep our eyes wide open and are aware of our surroundings.  We will find a way to identify and find the data of the groups to which we belong. Therefore, we will start to recognize their interests and what these mean to them. Then, and only then we will find a way to get the greatest possible advantage to this information, slowly becoming more sensitive when approaching people. At the end of the day, marketing is all about finding ways to reach and communicate with different audiences. In fact, good salespeople are constantly dealing with different crowds, from different environments and fields. In this sense, if we continue the line, we will learn and understand different personality types and to take different approaches to engage and participate with them following what motivates them. So, what is the outcome? We become more attentive, in order to be “on-guard” – marketers need to be aware of what is happening in the industries and so do all of us in our daily life.

Investigate what is going on in your environment, you will be very well informed of the situations you want to be a part of or the people you want to bond with personally and professionally. Take advantage of these skills to make the best out of every situation. If used wisely, you will project the best version of yourself!


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